I started this journey in March 2021 hoping that this fellowship will help me become a professional. But that time there was the condition of “maybe” because we all were already learning and working online for almost a year. That’s why, by seeing the condition of our online educational system, I felt that maybe this fellowship will helpful to me. And also, the main purpose of joining Amal was that I was learning nothing from University online education, so I decided to join such fellowship to help me to improve myself.

But this fellowship has not only changed my mind related to online education rather it also changed me completely. It changed my way of thinking, speaking, acting, thanking, etc. In other words, it has transformed my life. I have learned a lot from Amal. Not only this, Amal has also given me a good team and a cooperating family that always support each other. All of these are very loving. God bless them😍

Batch 186 (#Turbanchallenge)

In the last session, we recalled our whole Amal journey. Also, we shared feedback with each other, showed gratitude, and appreciate each other on their Mega Project work. The recalling activity helped to reflect on all Amal's memories. And also, we played a game, Scavenger Hunt in the last session, which was very interesting. Finding the answers to riddles and taking a selfie with the answer was a good experience. unfortunately, I can’t participate in it due to some connectivity issues but my group did well and won the game.

Before this session, in the last week, Amal gave us an opportunity to give feedback to each other on their performance. I think that was a very good way to support each other and also to accept feedback and improve ourselves. It has proved very beneficial to me and I hope others fellows also enjoyed it.

The last session was the time to say goodbye to our fellows. It was the end of our journey. We’ll miss the sessions, debates, and positive feedbacks. That’s why everybody left the session heavy-hearted.

Last moments of the session 😔🥰

But I think it is not ending, it is the start of our real journey towards our life goals. And also this session gave us a spark that now you are ready to face the difficulties, so gird up loins and take a flight✈.

Now, its the time to;

Lastly, thanks, Amal. Thanks, Ma’am & Sir for your support and guidance. God bless you❤

Learner & Observer